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Complete extruded food for parrots Nutri-Psitta
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Kiki Excellent nutri-psitta for parrots

Extruded food for parrots packaged in a controlled atmosphere.

Nutri-psitta has been formulated by Psittacidae Study and Reproduction Centers. Listed as one of the best foods that can be provided throughout the year.

Does not produce waste. Due to its composition, it avoids deficiency states typical of diets with seeds and guarantees balanced nutrient intake by supplying the ideal proportion between fats and proteins.

It has a modern manufacturing process that includes a double pre-cooking and subsequent extrusion of the ingredients and therefore a highly digestible food is obtained without a load of pathogenic microorganisms.

Subsequently, a microencapsulated probiotic is incorporated that once in the intestine helps the absorption of nutrients and enhances the immune system. It is a food rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


It is necessary to make an adaptation of the usual food to the extruded one.

The way to adapt to the bird is to include the extrudate in its usual mixture at 50% and gradually increase it to 75%. The process can last from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the adaptation of your bird.

Once adapted, never supply more than 25% seeds, fruits or vegetables. Important: leave water freely available without ever missing it.
Ft.: 1kg
Ref. KI04103
EAN13: 8420717041035


Cereals, seeds, fruits (mango, banana, coconut, papaya and pineapple), legumes and mineral substances.


Crude protein 16%, Crude Fat 7%, Ash 4% and Crude Cellulose 3.5%