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Brand: KIKI


Complete food for birds African species
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Kiki Excellent food for African species

Kiki African Species is an excellent protein-rich food with a high content of vitamin A, for birds of the African species, including the gray parrot.

Although these birds feed in forests, mountains and the savannah, your little pet will have all the necessary nutrients that are typical of nature. Its mixture of figs and dates provides well-being, and a better state of health and psychological.

Likewise, its content of vitamin A and enriched in proteins, contributes to the good development of the plumage, the presence of marine calcium guarantees healthy and well-developed bones. Do not forget to always provide fresh water.


- It favors the best health and psychological state of the birds.
- It has a high content of vitamin A for the good development of plumage.
- Enriched in proteins.
Ft.: 800g
Ref. KI04100
EAN13: 8420717041004


Cereals, seeds, fruits (dates, figs and carob beans), legumes and added mineral substances