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Brand: KIKI


Food for exotic birds
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Food for exotic birds

Did you know that  millet herringbones are a tasty and easily digestible food that exotic birds love? This type of ingredient, in addition to nourishing them, helps them stay healthy during the incubation and breeding phase. In addition, it is also suitable for the diet of young birds.

Provide exotic birds with a balanced diet rich in millet: Kiki's complete food for exotic birds

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, the granules that make up this food contain three kinds of millet (white, yellow and red), as well as paniset, black oil sunflower seed, canary seed and hempseed. Your winged pets will not be able to resist its delicious flavor!


- Kiki's complete food for exotics guarantees winged pets all the vitamins and minerals they need to face the day with energy.

- Contains vitamin granules and a wide variety of seeds, such as canary seed, black and hemp seed.

- It is a food made with carefully selected ingredients to provide exotic birds with the nutrients they require for proper development.
Ft.: 1kg
Ref. KI00199
EAN13: 8420717001992
Ft.: 5kg
Ref. KI05232
EAN13: 8420717152328


Paniset, yellow millet, white millet, red millet, canary seed, linseed, black and Daimiel roll.


Crude protein 12.8%, moisture 9.2%, crude fat 6.7%, crude fiber 9.3%, ash 4.2%, calcium 0.23%, phosphorus 0.47%, sodium 218 ppm.