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Brand: KIKI


Food for goldfinches
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Food for goldfinches

Very complete food for goldfinches with a recipe based on high quality seeds.

Mixture made based on the Dutch formula, with clean grains, selected and properly mixed, to provide your little singing friends with the food they need. It has also been enriched with vitamin granules that provide that extra nutritional contribution that your birds need in periods of breeding, growth and moulting.
Ft.: 500g
Ref. KI00209
EAN13: 8420717002098


Yellow millet, Peeled oats, Bajra millet, Canary seed, Negrillo, Bakery by-product and Red millet.


Crude protein (19.95%); Humidity (9.36%); crude fat (17.50%); crude fiber (14.09%); ashes (3.60%); Calcium (0.11%); phosphorus (0.29%); Sodium (0.06%); Vitamin A (1,063 IU/100 gr.); Vitamin D3 (606 IU/100 gr.