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Brand: KIKI


Mineral block for birds with hook. Display case.
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100 uds 1
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Kiki mineral block with hook display case for birds

Kiki mineral block with Hook is a food supplement for birds that consists of a calcium block with a hook to hang on the cage.

It is perfect for goldfinches, budgerigars, canaries, small parrots, nymphs, among others. You find it in the presentation of 100 units.

The Bird Calcium Block includes a convenient non-toxic lined metal hook that makes mounting easy. It should be noted that calcium is very important for the calcification of bone tissue during the growth stage. It is also good for the care of the plumage, moulting, stress and for the reproduction stage.
Ft.: 100 uds
Ref. KI00715
EAN13: 8420717007154


Calcium mineral block 100% Natural