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Brand: KIKI


Insecticide - antiparasitic for birds
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Kiki insecticide - antiparasitic for birds

Outdoor use insecticide for birds of all kinds (pigeons, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs, partridges, diamonds, parrots).

It is an excellent antiparasitic, due to its harmless action on the animal, acting by preventing asthma and against all kinds of external parasites (ticks, aphids, mites, lice and even flies and mosquitoes).


Apply on the animal, cage and all the accessories in its environment. Every 7 days, repeat if necessary. Use the pure product, undiluted.

It is advisable to create the habit of deworming your bird every week and thus prevent infestations in aviaries, since when they appear, they spread very quickly.

Some of the most common symptoms that indicate that your bird has parasites are the following:

- Restless attitude of the bird and continuous pecking at its feathers.
- During breeding, abandonment of the nest
- Lack of plumage in areas of the bird.
Ft.: 200ml
Ref. KI02500
EAN13: 8420717025004
Ft.: 1000ml
Ref. KI02501
EAN13: 8420717025011


Tetramethrin 0.15%, Permethrin 0.05%, Water, alcohols and excipients q.s.p: 100%