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Brand: KIKI


Kiki max menu for ferrets
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800g 5
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2kg 6
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Kiki max menu for ferrets

Excellent feed made with chicken meat and fishmeal, cereals, bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable oils and fats, yeasts and mineral substances, taurine.

Complete diet that provides the ferret with all the nutritional elements necessary for a correct state of health and excellent vitality.

Incorporates essential fatty acids prevents the development of obesity typical of these species in captivity.

With the extra contributions of methionine, lysine and vitamins, we will achieve shiny and silky hair, as well as a good appetite and vitality throughout the year.

Its high level of protein and fiber make this food one of the most suitable for ferrets, avoiding any type of intestinal blockage. Taurine keeps your muscles and heart in good shape, which is essential for the life of this species.


- Suitable for ferrets
- Contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
- Type of selected meats.
Ft.: 800g
Ref. KI30511
EAN13: 8420717305113
Ft.: 2kg
Ref. KI30521
EAN13: 8420717305212


Chicken and lamb meat, poultry liver, mineral salts, yeasts, beet pulp, dehydrated egg, animal fats stabilized with vitamin E, potassium chloride, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten, taurine and vitamins.


Protein: 38.0%, Fat: 19.0%, Fiber: 2.0%