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Brand: KIKI


Water Turtle Kiki Sticks
Ft. Units/Box Avail.
90g / 250ml 12
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325g / 1000ml 6
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Sticks for water turtles

Food for aquatic turtles based on Gammarus presented in the form of sticks in different formats that adapt to the needs of the day to day.

Food for turtles with a high nutritional value. More than forty percent of its content is protein of meat origin that provides water turtles with greater energy.

High quality raw materials endorsed by Kiki, a national brand with extensive experience in the sector.

Rich in calcium, minerals and essential trace elements for a strong and correct development of the skeleton and shell, correcting possible deformities typical of malnourished turtles.


It is essential that the food softens on contact with water so that it can be ingested, for this reason we recommend you have an initial dose of half a teaspoon per animal, and observe after 10 minutes, if all the food has been ingested, repeat the dose, if necessary. Otherwise do not put more food and try to remove the remaining challenges from the water.
Ft.: 90g / 250ml
Ref. KI04520
EAN13: 8420717045200
Ft.: 325g / 1000ml
Ref. KI04521
EAN13: 8420717045217


Micronized roasted soy flour, fish flour, wheat flour, corn, wheat, vegetable protein concentrate, brewer's yeast, roasted soy, spirulina and gammarus algae.


Added Vitamins per Kg: Vitamin A: 15,000 I.E., Vitamin C: 200 mg, Vitamin D3: 2,000 I.E., Vitamin E: 200 mg

Crude protein: 40%, Crude fat: 4.25%, Ash: 7.5%, Crude fiber: 3%, Phosphorus: 0.95%