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Brand: KIKI


Kiki max menu for chinchillas
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Kiki max menu for chinchillas

Kiki max menu for chinchillas is an excellent rich and varied complete food to guarantee all the adequate nutritional contributions. Extremely appetizing, it will make your chinchilla not resist temptation and you will quickly see it on the ready feeder.

Apart from this diet, you only need to incorporate some fresh fruit or vegetables, but in a percentage not higher than 15%.

With the mix of nuts in the shell incorporated, you will get your chinchilla to spend more time entertaining and wear its incisors correctly. The result is healthier and more vigorous chinchillas, with shiny hair and attentive.


- Suitable for company chinchillas.
- Contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
- Composed of selected nuts.
Ft.: 800g
Ref. KI30513
EAN13: 8420717305137


Legumes, carob beans, minerals and amino acids, peanuts, raisins and lucerne.


Crude protein 12.5%, crude fat 3.2%, crude cellulose 20%, ash 9%. Vit A. 85000 IU/kg, vit D 5200 IU/kg, Vit C 9000 mg/kg, Vit E 8350 mg/kg, vit B1 10250 mg/kg, Vit B2 8900 mg/kg, vit B12 37250 mg/kg, Folic acid 380 mg/kg, nicotinamide 2589 mg/kg, magnesium 18 g/kg, sodium 85 g/kg, zinc 39 g/kg, cobalt 0.07 g/kg, nickel 0.02 g/kg, iron 1500 g/kg, copper 0.4 gr/kg, fluorine 0.05 gr/kg, boron 0.20 gr/kg, potassium 0.11 gr/kg, manganese 0.500 gr/kg, calcium 725.890 mg/kg.