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Brand: KIKI


Complete food for dwarf rabbits
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800g 20
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KIKI Complete food for dwarf rabbits

Excellent food for dwarf rabbits, it provides all the necessary nutrients to avoid deficiency states and helps reduce strong urine odours.

Composed of 13 selected top quality ingredients, its enriched formula contains vitamins and protein granules that provide an extra contribution especially indicated for animals in periods of breeding or gestation.

To ensure a long and healthy life for the rabbit, provide it with a rich and varied diet, made up of quality food, assorted fresh fruits and vegetables, all supplemented with vitamins and mineral supplements.
Ft.: 800g
Ref. KI00216
EAN13: 8420717002166


Whole Food Granules, Wheat Kernels, Peeled Oats, Dried Carob Beans, Wheat Flakes, Baby Corn Kernels, Barley, Corn Flakes, Puffed Corn, Puffed Wheat, Yellow, Green and Orange Corn Kibbles.


Crude protein 11.75%, moisture 12.5%, crude fat 2.65%, crude fiber 9.51%, ash 5.48%, calcium 5.54%, phosphorus 4.38 gr, iron 47.66 mg, vitamin A 4000 IU/100gr, Vitamin D 3160 IU/100gr and Vitamin E 9.28mg/kg.