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Brand: KIKI


Food for hamsters and squirrels
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Food for hamsters and squirrels.

Kiki Food for Hamsters and Squirrels is a varied and rich complete food that contains all the nutritional contributions that your little pet needs. Its wonderful formula reduces the smell of urine.

Being very delicious, your pet will not be able to resist such a great temptation and will go for his Kiki food at full speed, based on clean grains that have been properly selected, as well as having been enriched with protein granules.

Also, this food has the peculiarity that some of its grains are hard in order to help your rodent to wear down its long incisors while it begins to gnaw, resulting in a vigorous hamster and squirrel, very lively and attentive.


- Reduces the smell of urine.

- Delicious food enriched with protein granules.

- Help the rodent wear down its long incisors.
Ft.: 800g
Ref. KI00212
EAN13: 8420717002128


Sunflower seeds, round corn, protein granules, wheat, barley, peeled oats, paddy rice, sorghum, safflower, vetches and vitamin granules.


Crude protein 11.5%, Moisture 10.2%, Crude fat 5.2%, Crude fiber 8.3, Ash 4.1%, Calcium 0.62%, Phosphorus 0.32% and Sodium 697 ppm