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Cuttle bone for birds
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The so-called cuttlebone comes from cuttlefish and squid and is an essential natural food supplement for most captive birds.

Provides a rich source of calcium and promotes bone strength and beautiful plumage.

The Iako cuttlefish bone is 100% natural, it has a metal support for easy fixing to the bars of the cage.

It simply has to be left by hand in the cage so that the birds can peck at it throughout the day.

In addition to a considerable consumption of calcium, it allows the birds to rub their beak and claws as it favors cleaning and natural wear.


- Suitable for all birds.
- Also suitable for lizards and turtles.
- Food supplement rich in calcium.
- 100% natural
- With support for better fastening in the cage.
Ft.: 31g
Ref. B03050
EAN13: 4250078930501