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Plastic drawerless bucket for bird cages Items 1080 / 1081 / 1082
Ft. Units/Box Avail.
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Plastic bucket for home cage

Spare bucket for easy removal and placement to maintain proper hygiene of home bird cages of items 1080 / 1081 and 1082.

Specially developed in the appropriate measures for these models and the needs of the pet.

Habitat hygiene is one of the most important points when it comes to preventing diseases in birds or rodents.

The base of the cage is covered with a canvas or paper where the droppings and food remains accumulate. These can be disposable, such as newspaper or those that are sold especially for this purpose. Whichever is used, it is important to change it daily to eliminate one of the biggest sources of contamination within the cage.

Therefore, proper maintenance of the cage bucket or tray is essential, for this our buckets and trays are very resistant, made with the highest quality and durable materials to withstand constant cleaning.
Ft.: 1 ud
Ref. B11PLA
EAN13: 8429972302691
Colour White
Measurements Wide: 50 / Deep: 30,5 cm
Material Crystal polystyrene