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Closed feeder for indoor and breeding cages
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Closed continuous oval feeder for birds indoor and beeding cages

Easy to install and compatible with all cages that have holes in the bars adapted for the feeder and specially designed for its characteristics for breeding cages.

Specially developed in the appropriate measures and the needs of the pet. It is ideal for small birds such as exotic, canary, wild or lovebirds. Includes a 3.2cm perch to allow easier access to food.

Made of transparent plastic to control the content well. Being removable, it favors regular cleaning and disinfection.
Made of resistant and durable material.

Capacity of the feeder about 55 grams of birdseed approximately.
Ft.: 1 ud
Ref. 120CER
EAN13: 8429972301908
Colour Clear
Measurements Wide: 7 / Deep: 4'4 / High: 8 cm
Material Crystal polystyrene