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Square outdoor birdcage bathtub
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Outdoor bathtub for bird cage

To add to the cage outside as if it were a small room added for the bird to enjoy its bath.

It simply has to be hooked to the door of the cage and when the bath is over it is very easy to remove with its clips adaptable to the vast majority of cages except wall, round or curved cages.

Easy cleaning and disinfection, no leaks.

Bathing is critical to bird health as it not only cleans feather dust and parasites, but also moisturizes the skin and helps birds dissipate heat.

Essential in times of high temperatures.
Ft.: 1 ud
Ref. 115EXT
EAN13: 8429972301847
Colour According to stock
Measurements Wide: 13 / Deep: 13,5 / High: 12,5 cm
Material Crystal polystyrene