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Brand: MOLY


Dog repellent shampoo Moly
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250ml 1
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Repellent shampoo for dogs

Shampoo specially adapted to the pH and the needs of the dog.

Highly effective and especially indicated to prevent external parasites of the skin and hair such as fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, etc.

Keeps the dog dewormed and obtaining deep hygiene and a pleasant smell.


Ideal for regular use as a complement to antiparasitic collars or pipettes. In no case is it a substitute for the methods usually used to prevent the infection of these external parasites, carriers and transmitters of various diseases to our domestic animals.

It is an optimal product to use on a spring or summer day, in which you go for a walk with your pet in the countryside or the forest and when you get home you decide to give your dog a refreshing and hygienic bath.
Ft.: 250ml
Ref. MO10202