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Brand: MOLY


Strawberry fragance dog perfume
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125ml 1
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Strawberry fragance dog perfume

Pleasant perfume indicated for dogs. The pH is adequate, and it respects the pet's skin. Provides a pleasant fragrance that can complement the bathroom or toilet. Very simple and practical to use thanks to the spray format: you only need to spray it.

Moly perfumes and colognes are natural and hypoallergenic, they do not irritate or dry the skin. The fruity aroma is suitable for all dogs: females, males, puppies.


- Perfume specially formulated for dogs.
- Low alcohol content.
- Respects the natural pH of the pet's skin.
- Very easy to use thanks to the spray format.


125 ml spray of perfume with strawberry fragrance for dogs.

Spray the spray at a distance of between 5-10 cm from the mantle. As an alternative method, spray on the hand and then distribute the product on the coat. If the dog is easily frightened, it is better to use the second method. Avoid contact of the product with the eyes and mucous membranes.

Ft.: 125ml
Ref. M010271