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Brand: MOLY


Dog toy solid rubber ball
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Solid rubber ball, superior quality dog ​​toy.

Very safe, perfect for medium to large dogs with strong jaws. It has a very soft texture so as not to damage the teeth and it is not toxic in the event of accidental ingestion of small pieces that can be eliminated with the faeces without any problem.

This dog toy is made with premium quality natural rubber that is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. It has a soft texture and is malleable so as not to damage the teeth of dogs. It is very resistant, although dogs should never be left unattended due to the risk of destruction.

Giving him attractive toys can prevent and even cure behavior problems, as it reduces stress and is a great exercise. Keep in mind that playing is a natural behavior for all animals. Playing with other pets or people develops social relationships and makes animals happier!

Although due to their composition they are extremely durable, there are no indestructible toys, so we recommend changing it when it deteriorates. Always supervise the animal while it plays and do not leave toys exposed to its strong jaws for a long time.
Sizes: Medium
Ref. M010373