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Large block of calcium for turtles
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Calcium block for turtles

Vitaminized calcium sticks, due to their specific components, cause them to dissolve continuously and very slowly when they come into contact with water.

It is an essential product to keep these small animals always clean, healthy and in a healthy environment. Water turtles are one of the most common pets in homes. They are small, tame animals and above all very long-lived.

In addition, they are very easy to care for, which is why they are so popular with the little ones in the house.

Calcium is a basic supplement, mainly for turtles that are still developing. It is a mineral that strengthens their shell and prevents them from deforming or dying. This is a very common problem in turtles and there are other factors that can also cause it, such as an inadequate diet or a lack of ultraviolet radiation, that is, a lack of sunlight. The most common symptoms of decalcification are a soft shell or lack of activity.

So that they do not die prematurely and you can guarantee them a good quality of life, it is essential to maintain excellent hygiene in the space where they live, the turtle tank, thus preventing them from smelling bad and suffering from diseases. Therefore, the cleanliness of the water is essential and must be changed periodically.

They dissolve slowly and control the acidity of the water, avoiding bad odors and improving its colour.


- Vitaminized calcium block for turtles that conditions the water of the turtle tanks.
- Avoid the bad smell of the water and that they can suffer from diseases.
- Strengthens its shell, prevents deformations and premature death.
- Controls the acidity of the water, avoiding bad odours.


These calcium blocks are indicated to purify water and strengthen the shell of turtles and is also suitable for gold and tropical fish.
Ft.: 1 ud
Ref. M050155