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Brand: JUCAL


Bird cages file for sticks
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File for the sticks of the bird cage.

These soft sandpaper covers are essential to take care of the bird's health. The files help keep the beak and nails in perfect condition, preventing excessive growth and malformations.

When the nails of birds that live in cages do not wear down due to their rapid growth, they can cause great pain to the bird.

The birds usually eat the sandpaper, which helps them to digest the food in the crop. . This product, being natural, avoids the dangerous obstruction in the throat and gizzard.

The corrugated surface promotes circulation in the legs, helping to prevent arthritis and atrophy while avoiding damage to the legs of animals thanks to its rounded shape and soft touch. Thanks to its universal size it can be installed on any perch or stick in the cage.

Pack of 4 units.
Ft.: 1 ud
Ref. J04174
EAN13: 8429972310092