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Cages for parrots and macaws
Ft. Wire Finish Units/Box Avail.
1 ud Chromium 1
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  • In Stock. Avaliable. In Stock. Avaliable.
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Cage especially designed for parrots, macaws,...

It has a nice and decorative design, offering a suitable and safe birds home. It is a high quality cage made with resistant and durable materials.

The cage is made of metal with bars painted with painting epoxi free of lead. The accessories are made of plastic. It has a folding door for easy acces to the cage.

Feeders are covered to avoid wasting food. It includes sticks innkeepers who offer a suitable where to settle, to rest and to amuse themselveses.

It is very easy to clean and desinfect.
Ft.: 1 ud, Wire Finish: Chromium
Ref. 2410CR
EAN13: 8429972105018

- Plastic bucket Item:2410KP
- Left and Right plastic drawer Item; 2410CP
- Plastic stick Item:139PAL
- Stick plastic end cover Item:TAPAFI
- Plastic feeder Item:116LOR
- Wire hook Item: GONHIE
- Plastic swing Item:121PLA
- Swing hook Item:GACOGR
- Wire grille Item: 2410PA

This cage is compatible with the support cage:

 - REF:2410MA
Colour According to stock
Measurements Diameter:47 / High:164 cm
Wire finish Chromium

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