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Wooden tunnel for rodents
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Natural wood tunnel in which the pet can take refuge and play.

Due to the size of the holes, it is ideal for small rodents, such as hamsters, mice and rodents of similar size.

Only heat-treated wood to prevent the presence of wood insects.

With different entry/exit holes, which will give both our pet and us a game, we will be able to interact more with it through these holes and know where it is at all times.

If you want to use this tunnel as a resting place, you can place special cotton for rodents.

Available in two different sizes, the smaller one is ideal for dwarf hamsters, such as roborowsky hamster, Campbell, Russian, etc. while the larger one is suitable for golden hamsters and similar sized species.

In short, an alternative to shelters and plastic games, with materials closer to those of their natural environment.
Ft.: 1 ud
Ref. B02065
EAN13: 4250078920656