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Breeding cage
Ft. Wire Finish Units/Box Avail.
1 ud Zinc plated 1
In Stock. Avaliable. In Stock. Avaliable.
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1 ud White 1
In Stock. Avaliable. In Stock. Avaliable.
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  • In Stock. Avaliable. In Stock. Avaliable.
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Cage specially designed for breeding all kinds of small birds such as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, agapornis, nynphas, etc.

The cage has a plastic separator. It is an excellent quality cage made of resistant and durable materials. The cage is made of metal with bars painted with lead-free epoxy paint.

The accessories are made of plastic. It has a door system guillotines to facilitate the access to the cage.

Covered outer feeders avoid food waste. It includes sticks innkeepers who offer a suitable surface where to settle and to rest.

It has a drawer extraible what facilitates the cleanliness and the disinfection.
Ft.: 1 ud, Wire Finish: Zinc plated
Ref. 3404ZN
EAN13: 8429972106770
Ft.: 1 ud, Wire Finish: White
Ref. 3404BL
EAN13: 8429972104905

- Plastic tray Item:1404BP
- Wire grille Item: 1404PA
- Wire grid separator Item: 1404SR
- Plastic separator Item: 1404SP
- Short plastic feeder Item: 3404CO
- Plastic cap wiht holes Item: 3407RJ
- Long plastic stick Item: 136APL
Colour According to stock
Measurements Wide: 100 / Deep: 34,5 / High: 42 cm
Wire finish White Zinc plated

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