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Brand: MOLY


Stick food for pond fish
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Pond fish food

Moly Pond Sticks is a full-portion food in the form of floating sticks for koi carp, goldfish and all other ornamental carp fish in garden and nursery ponds.

Thanks to a special structure of the sticks, the food does not sink. It completely covers the nutritional needs of the fish and is a source of energy. The balanced content of fibers guarantees a correct course of the digestive processes.

It contains all the ingredients that the aquatic pet needs to be healthy. It is a complete food with a balance between protein and fat.

Feed the fish in a balanced way throughout the year, so that they are healthy and active in all seasons.

Combined ingredients of first quality and fresh to guarantee the well-being of the animals, forming floating sticks so that the fish can feed as they usually do, from the surface.


- Complete food for koi fish and small pond fish.
- Fresh and top quality ingredients.
- Proportion proteins and fats suitable for the species.
- Balanced diet in the 4 seasons of the year.
- Floating sticks with a suitable size for small fish.

Format: 4kg professional use bag
Ft.: 4kg
Ref. M050147