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Brand: MOLY


Food for land turtles
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Complete food for land turtles.

Designed for turtles in arid and semi-arid environments that require a high percentage of fiber, such as Russian, Mediterranean, Greek, sulcata, leopard tortoises, etc.

To keep the intestinal flora in balance, minerals, vitamins, fruits and cereals have been added. This gopher tortoise food contains adequate levels of protein and fiber to promote good shell development and harmonious growth, limiting pyramidal growth.

It is an excellent complement to the natural foods that are given to the turtle. Dryland tortoises are vegetarians. In the natural state they feed on dry and very fibrous grasses. It is only convenient to give them some fruit occasionally or as a treat, since they do not digest them well. It is better to let them graze on the lawn so that they choose some type of grass, clovers and other herbs. They love the fruits and leaves of prickly pears or prickly pear figs (Opuntia sp.).

The feeding of these animals is very important, because the lack or excess of any nutrient can cause deformations, weakening or diseases that could cause death.


- This food is the ideal complement to the natural diet of your tortoise:
- Promotes normal growth. It contains adequate levels of fibers and proteins for a good development of the shell, avoiding pyramidal growth.
- Maintains the balance of the intestinal flora.
- Covers the needs of a complete diet.
Ft.: 250ml
Ref. M060104
Ft.: 1000ml
Ref. M060105


Vegetable extract, Crude protein 22%, crude fat 3.5%, fruits, cereals, vegetables, calcium 2.2%, phosphorus 0.9%, Vitamin A 12300