Manifesto on industry priorities prior to the European elections

The European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF), to which the spanish National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (ANFAAC) belongs, released a recent manifesto in Brussels detailing the industry's priorities ahead of the elections. European elections, which will take place on June 9 in our country.

The manifesto is based on three fundamental pillars:

1. Ensure safe and nutritious food for pets.
2. Highlight the crucial role of pets in society.
3. Promote sustainability throughout the chain, from production on the farm to the pet bowl.

Sonia Franck, the recently appointed secretary general of the organization, pointed out the urgency with which politicians must take these priorities into account in order to safeguard both the industry and pets with the aim of supporting the 91 million European households that have with the company of a pet. Currently, in Europe, there are 340 million pets.
Sonia Franck new general secretary of FEDIAF

In the text available on the ANFAAC website, FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood establishes as main priorities the provision of safe and nutritious food for pets throughout the European Union, the recognition of the crucial role that pets play in society, and the firm commitment with sustainability.


The European pet food industry urges the implementation of favorable regulation for the production of food for pets, as well as recognizing this sector as a priority. The manifesto highlights the importance of maintaining access to energy and essential ingredients such as category 3 animal fats and animal feed additives.


Furthermore, the industry also considers it crucial that those responsible for the European legislative agenda recognize the benefits derived from coexistence and interaction with pet animals, and that they promote responsible ownership. In this context, it asks those responsible for designing community policies to recognize the fundamental role that good nutrition plays in the well-being of pets.


FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood also prioritizes recognizing the pet food industry's contribution to a circular economy by creating a more enabling regulatory environment. The industry is also calling for a harmonized approach to measuring the environmental footprint of its products, as well as greater support for its packaging and sustainability goals.

Santiago de Andrés, secretary general of ANFAAC, urges policy makers to continue supporting our industry, which is an example of good practices in all areas: innovative, respectful of the environment and, above all, committed to the environment. welfare of companion animals.

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