The Petcare sector in France, in vertiginous growth.

The pet industry is experiencing a real boom in France. All the indicators indicate that the neighboring country's market will increase spectacularly in the coming years. We are going to analyze 10 key indicators.

1. A sector that moves 5 billion euros every year

For several years the pet market has grown by 6% per year. Thus, the size of the pet market has multiplied by 1.5 in just 10 years.

2. About 75 million pets live in France, more than people

Almost 75 million pets live in France today, compared to 67.8 million French people. And this trend was consolidated with the Covid-19 pandemic..

3. Almost 100,000 pets are abandoned by their owners every year in France.

Despite the fact that tens of thousands of pets are adopted every year in France, the country still maintains a high number of abandonments.

4. 50.5% of households own at least one animal and 43.5% a dog or cat

One in two households in France has at least one pet and the cat continues to increase in French households, the dog population stabilizing after several years of decline.

5. Cats win over dogs

While the dog population remains stable, the cat population has skyrocketed with more than 900,000 more cats in just two years. There are more than 15 million cats compared to 7.5 million dogs.

6. The French spend an average of €1,500 per dog and €1,000 per cat each year

Pet owners are increasingly looking for higher quality food and spare no expense when it comes to care, play or accessories.

7. By 2026 the petcare market would grow 23% per year, particularly in accessories

The pet market in France is innovative, economically thriving and constantly developing. Companies and industries from other sectors have already joined the party: health insurance, hotels, nurseries or cemeteries. By 2026, the market is expected to grow at a whopping 23% per year, particularly in terms of accessories.

8. Almost 15% of product sales on the web

The "Petfood" represents more than 70% of the turnover of pet stores, compared to 25% of accessories, equipment products and consumables, and 3% of live animals. Of these sales, 15% are already made through the Internet.

9. More than a million tons of pet food every year

Of these 1,233,283 tons, 323,050 tons of wet food are for cats and dogs, and 840,770 tons of dry food are for all kinds of pets (birds, rodents, fish, etc.).

10. More than 20,000 households depend on the pet food industry.

In 2020, more than 7,000 direct jobs and more than 14,000 indirect jobs depended on the pet food sector. An industry that in 2023 may have doubled.

Data source: AEDPAC
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