Winter hamster feeding

For these small pets it is important to vary the diet between what they eat in summer and winter. 

Cold months, energy foods 

With the arrival of the cold it is important to increase the amount of oilseeds within the common sense without exceeding but if giving it an extra contribution more often.

It is advisable to do it at least once or twice a week. The reason is because the cold makes them consume more energy as it happens to humans so that our body generates heat and fat. 

Seeds and nuts are an excellent food:

- Wheat 
- Barley 
- Oats 
- Soybean 
- Sunflower 
- Peanuts 
- Nuts
- Acorns
- Alpiste 
- Millet

It is very important that EVERYTHING goes WITHOUT salt. Salty foods can kill the hamster. 


Germinated seeds love them and it's a way to give them energetic vegetables. Alpiste, millet, wheat, oats, alfalfa and even soybeans can be germinated.

Germination is very easy.

Buying a germinator is the least economical option, or putting them on moistened kitchen paper inside a tupper. When they take root they will be perfect to use. 

It depends on the plant species that is used it takes more or less to germinate, but usually in less than a week you have a good lot.

Animal protein 

In the feeding of the hamster it is advisable to include some meat from time to time giving them an insect or ball of cat feed because it contains less salts than the dog.

Pellets or feed for small rodents 

Currently on the market there are multiple balanced feeds to cover the feeding of the hamster correctly. 

It is advisable to use feed because it carries a greater number of ingredients than conventional food bags in which the seeds are seen. However, hamsters tend to like it less, but everything is to get them used to.

Less energetic foods: fruits and vegetables 

Because it's not all about giving them calories. If you want to give a good diet to the hamster, you can not neglect the fruits and vegetables. The reason is because they provide vitamins and hydrate their body.

Obvious do not neglect the hydration of the hamster always having fresh water available. 

On what fresh fruits to offer in winter, the apple is recommended, and in smaller quantities, the pear. 

As for vegetables, they must be given in moderate quantity: broccoli, watercress, canons, romaine lettuce and white clover. Always well washed and dry.

Hard bread, a delicatessen in the feeding of the hamster 

They love to gnaw it and also provides them with cereals and salts that they also need to have a correct diet.


When the hamster is given a cricket or mealworm it is common for the rodent to become aggressive to fight it. It's a very curious behavior. As soon as he has it between his paws, he will soon give a good account of him.

Raw meat 

Some hamster breeders use raw meat and the truth they like, although it is a bit unpleasant to see.
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