Types of breeding paste for Birds

Breeding paste for birds is one of the most important food supplements for the development of these types of animals, so that they can grow healthy and enjoy good health. 

A complement that can be supplied year-round just because changes will need to be made from time to time to fit the needs of our birds at any time.

In addition, although it is a food designed for birds in their development phase, the truth is that we can give it to them throughout life, especially in the silent season, since they contain minerals, proteins and other supplements that do very well. 

Depending on the type of bird and the time of year, we can use dried, wet, vegetable or insectivorous fruit pastes. We can even alternate several of them in the same period.

The important thing is to know which ones our birds like best. Some birds are very reluctant to diet changes, so it is advisable to give them small amounts so that they become accustomed to their flavor or mix them with other foods that they like. 

Many professional breeders prefer to cook the breeding paste they supply to their birds themselves, because in this way they make the recipe following the preferences of their birds.

It is true that this is much cheaper than buying it in an already-made store, but it is also time-consuming and hard-working. Therefore, it is always easier and more convenient to buy bird pastries from an already prepared store.


Dry breeding pastes 

The most common is to use it as a base, adding different complements throughout the year based on your needs and your activity. 

However, you should keep in mind that there are birds that do not like granulated paste and prefer the most floury ones. Therefore, it is advisable to try before with a little.

Wet breeding pastes 

Wet breeding paste does not include more water, but fat, which makes the texture wetter. 

In both the case of dry and wet paste, we can add water to take on a more porridge texture if our birds like it better. You should also keep in mind that this food can not spend more than two weeks in the feeder, as it can spoil and make our bird sick.


This type of paste contains a large amount of protein and is almost always used as a complement to the feeding of breeding birds. But they are also advisable for African granivores who, by their nature, need a little more protein.

Vegetable Breeding Pastes 

This is a vitamin-enriched paste that can be used to supplement wet pasta. If you haven't tried them yet, the ideal is to give them at certain times of the day so that they get used to it.

Fruit breeding pastes 

This type of paste is usually extruded to improve its biological quality. A process that consists of cooking under certain conditions of humidity, temperature and pressure for a short period of time. 

This causes bacteria to be removed from the food. If we see that the bird does not like it very much, we can mix it with its usual seeds.

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