Great success of our new aviary

The large aviaries located outside are intended for the breeding and maintenance of birds in captivity.

There are many fans who at some point consider having birds outside the house, the purpose pursued is that the birds remain in contact with a natural environment and in larger facilities suitable for community life that do not offer cages of smaller size.

Keeping the birds outside, requires structures equipped with certain technical requirements and ease of hygiene since above all it is about housing a certain number of birds so that they can live in community and ensure that the birds lead a happy life, to a certain extent, simulating or recreating its natural environment.

Our new aviary as soon as we go to market has become a sales success. 

The excellent materials it is made of with a high rigidity, its convenient packaging and easy assembly make this habitat an ideal space.

It is important that you transfer to your customers that when implanting aviaries outside, you have to keep in mind the control of predators, for the amateur this end usually goes unnoticed, although it is very significant to prevent rodent pests and attacks of birds of prey or other types of animals; it will therefore be necessary to take certain measures aimed at preventing their access.

It is also essential to separate animals according to the species if it is to recreate an environment with similar habits and customs. 

There are those who argue that it is possible to keep different types of birds in large aviaries, it can be considered a feasible approach as long as there are no incompatibilities related to habitats, dominance factor due to food-related issues or innate responses of incompatibility between birds.


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