Wooden nests, another great habitat for birds

If we place a nest box on our balcony or garden, apart from helping the birds, we will be bringing nature closer to our home.

Placing nest houses in the garden is an ideal activity to reunite adults with their children or grandchildren, as well as an opportunity for them to see the fascinating world of birds.

It is very important to properly choose the place where the house is located. The chosen site must be protected, as far as possible, from predators such as cats and other birds. Do not place more than one in the same tree.

On the other hand, in regions where the summers are hot, it is advisable to direct the entrance towards the north.

To encourage the arrival of birds, we can place, next to the house, two plates, one with food (bread crumbs, assorted seeds, oat flakes and unsalted nuts) and another with water.

With the help of a guide, the species can be easily recognized, but also once the bird is housed we must learn as much as possible about it. Observe him with binoculars, take pictures of him and keep a notebook where you can write down when he has arrived, what kind of food he eats, when he is most active and when least, if he is in a couple or alone, when he has left ...
The house should be inspected once a week. It is essential to dislodge insects, wasps and mice. When the birds leave their nest, it is important to clean it and prepare it for the next season. In this work it is essential to wear gloves.
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