Cat Care in Autumn

With the arrival of autumn and the first cold, pets require special care. 

Today we want to tell you what the cat needs to be cared for in the best possible way.

Changing fur, the fear of the vacuum cleaner

Autumn is the time when cats start changing fur.

The shedding of feline hair involves vacuuming constantly or always having hairs on clothes. But it is essential to understand that the cat needs it.

In this way it prepares for the cold, since its new coat will be denser, thicker and stronger. If you want to control the fall, not even to not spend the day removing hairs, it is essential to brush it daily. Thus, the kitten is helped to get rid of dead and loose hair.

Fleas that survive the cold 

Another issue to keep in mind is the possible presence of fleas. Although we sometimes forget it, fleas are not exclusive to summer. Using a good flea will help avoid unpleasant surprises and scares.

Preventing cold 

Temperature changes, like humans, also affect them and can cause them conditions, ailments or even respiratory diseases. 

It is important, especially if the cat has short hair, to have warm places where they can rest comfortably.

Also, if the kitten is a little cold, it is advisable to warm the food a little and not to administer cold water but rather warm. 

And above all, at the first symptom of inflammations, irritations in the nasal area or cough, always take it to the veterinarian.

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