The importance of vitamins in bird development

Vitamins are very important for the growth, development and maintenance of birds. 

A well-fed bird with its additives of nutrients, minerals and vitamins will have a beautiful plumage and will be a healthy animal, its health will be reflected in its mood, its singing, its character and its interaction with humans or other birds.

Hence, to keep birds happy, you have to supply the amount of vitamins and calcium necessary to keep them in good condition, therefore, we tell you the importance of vitamins in the feeding of birds and that you transmit it to your clients.

A bird without vitamins suffers from deficiencies in its growth

It is required to use small daily amounts of vitamins to avoid problems due to its deficiency, a poorly fed bird does not grow, its feathers fall, suffer from depression that is noticed in the lack of energy and may present some other discomfort that deteriorate the health of the bird,being all this, the indication that the bird does not have a complete diet and that it has a lack of vitamins, for this, it is essential that laboratory analyzes and tests are carried out, which will be able determine the causes of this behavior.

Water as a substance of vital importance in the feeding of birds 

Although many do not believe it, because they see water as a simple compound, water is the most important nutrient for birds, for hydration is essential for birds to stay in good condition, so, this vital liquid should always be available and kept fresh and clean all the time.

Water is basic for the good metabolism of the bird, because it is part of 55 to 75% of the weight of your body, so practically a bird weighs what your body has in water, which is what makes it stay healthy.

It also allows the birds to have a better digestion, the same to accumulate it in the stomach allows the food to soften, water is the largest component of the blood of birds, so it circulates throughout the body, the more water the bird ingests, the more liquid the blood is so the faster it releases toxins and the organs of the bird's body are better maintained.

Vitamins that can not be missing in the diet of birds 

Vitamin B1: This is the perfect vitamin to increase appetite, improve digestion and prevent nervous disorders. This vitamin can be found in cereals, as well, is found in synthetic form in multivitamin complexes or B complex

Vitamin B6: Special for growing birds, since it conditions muscles for stretching and strengthens them as they expand and lengthen in accordance with the growth of the bird. 

Vitamin D3: Helps to rapidly absorb calcium and other minerals.

Other important vitamins are A, C and E. 

The fact that you know the importance of vitamins in feeding birds will make your customers have healthy birds full of vitality and energy.
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