Characteristics and care of cockatoos.

Cockatoos are beautiful, there is no doubt about that. But its beauty should not lead us to impulsive adoption. The care of this bird should be well known before deciding if it is the ideal pet, since cockatoos are birds that require an owner committed to their well-being throughout their lives. 

They can live up to 20 years! So if any of your clients is interested in expanding the family with a flying member, read these recommendations for their care very carefully.


It is important to remember that cockatoos, like all the families of birds that we describe in our blog, are birds, therefore, they were born to fly. For this reason, having a bird at home requires acceptance that they fly and that they are out of their cage for at least three hours a day, to play with them and stimulate their life with exercises and challenges.

The fact of having them outside the cage will help to establish bonds and bonds of friendship. Cockatoos are very intelligent and can learn tricks and some words just like parrots. If they are happy, they will soon show love, so this depends on their owner and their care.

As a last recommendation, the most opportune thing for the psychic health of the cockatoo is to have a partner. They are sociable animals and need company. So it is preferable to adopt a partner or in case it is not possible, they should be offered time and affection every day.


The more space the better, it's that easy. Cages that do not allow the wings to open, flap their wings, or are so small that the bird's tail touches the ground must be completely discarded. Therefore, you should always opt for the largest possible cage and at this point we insist on the first recommendation of the article: cockatoos should not remain locked up, it is not enough to feed them, they have to fly several times a day.

What should a cockatoo's cage be like?

The shape of the cage must be rectangular and with horizontal bars to allow it to climb providing this innate ability in them. In our catalogue you will find beautiful designs to offer your customers.

Where to put the cage?

The cage should be located in a place in the house where the bird can receive light, which is very important for synthesizing vitamin D. Avoid drafts and places with a lack of encouragement. Silence must be offered during sleeping hours. Cockatoos sleep between 10 and 12 hours a day, sleep is essential for their health and the good mind of the cockatoo.


Cockatoos eat nuts and seeds such as rice, hemp, flax, corn... Fresh fruit and vegetables should not be missing, they love them! It is also important to provide them with pellets, since they could select the seeds they like the most and set aside the ones they like the least, causing a nutritional imbalance. Clean water cannot be missing from your drinking fountain.


Yes! They love water, this is due to their tropical origins, occasionally they have to be allowed to bathe or play in the water, making sure that it is neither too cold nor too hot.

On the other hand, the cage must always be clean, disinfecting it once a week and have a grid so that the bird is not in contact with its droppings and an absorbent bed to eliminate odors.

Finally, hygiene is essential for the well-being of any pet, as are visits to the vet. Whenever there are doubts regarding their health, it is essential to go to a veterinary clinic that is an expert in birds.

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