Coexistence between hamsters and birds

In other articles on our blog and so that you always have information to share with your clients, we have addressed the issue of coexistence between different species of birds, but what happens when they are two different species?

There are many households in which different pets live together, the most common being that which occurs between dogs and cats, but on many occasions we find another that is also very common in homes in our country, which occurs between bird and hamsters.

The coexistence between birds and hamsters at home can be complicated due to the natural differences between these pets since they are very different animals, both physically and psychologically.

At first, the coexistence between birds and hamsters is not entirely good, since the birds will feel a certain attraction to eat small rodents such as a hamster of any type (roborowski, Syrian, golden...).



The safety of both pets is paramount. Both must be in cages or suitable spaces, making sure that they are adequately closed and protected to avoid escapes or unwanted encounters.

In the event that the bird has its moments outside the cage, a risk that exists is that it will chew the bars of the rodent's cage until it breaks them and access the home of our small pet, something that must be avoided at all costs, as it could cause its end.

However, surely this process would take almost a week and it would detect that the cage is being bitten by the bird.

Physical separation:

In addition to each one being in their cage, it is convenient to consider that they are in two different rooms, in this case it will be very difficult for both animals to come into contact, since they would have to pass two barriers.

It must also be taken into account that hamsters are solitary animals and that coexistence is not something that they like very much. That is why we recommend keeping them away from any animal, to avoid possible conflicts.


Birds can be noisy and this could stress hamsters, which are nocturnal animals and need to rest during the day. In addition, the noises and sudden movements of the birds can scare the hamsters.


Both species have different hygiene needs. Birds can disperse feathers and produce dust, which can affect the health of hamsters.

It's also important to note that bird feces can carry bacteria that could affect hamsters.


If it is decided to allow any controlled interaction between birds and hamsters, it is important to supervise them at all times to prevent any dangerous situation. Pets should never be left alone without supervision.

Therefore, as you can see, each pet has its own needs and natural behaviors, and the combination of these species can generate stressful or dangerous situations for both. It is always better to provide them with a suitable environment for each of them.

Although to finish, also indicate that what is explained in this article is very general and also depends on the character that each particular animal may have, since there may be cases that break topics and can get along, as if they were family .
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