How long does the rabbit have to spend outside the cage each day?

Rabbits have become very popular pets in recent years. Now, just as when adopting a dog or cat, your customers should be very clear about their needs.

In general, we can say that they are sociable and very intelligent animals, capable of learning tricks. One of the most important things for the rabbit to grow healthy and happy is to understand that it needs to spend time out of the cage daily. Otherwise, you can become stressed and develop aggressive behavior.

All rabbits, regardless of their age and health, have to leave the cage for a while every day. It is very important that they remain vigilant and encouraged to exercise and play.

Veterinarians recommend that the rabbit spend at least three hours out of the cage every day. In addition, it is important that this one has suitable toys (such as rope or wood) at their disposal to be entertained.

All pets like to spend time with their humans. In the case of rabbits it is essential to be very careful when taking them and always do it for the skin between the shoulder blades with one hand, and with the other for the hind legs and buttocks. The part that he likes most to be caressed is the base of the ears.


Over time, the pet can even be trained to make its needs in the sand box, so it is possible to prolong the time spent outside the cage.

With rabbits, what works best for their training is positive reinforcement. Therefore, whenever you make your needs in the right place when you are out of the cage, it is appropriate to give you a prize.

What should the sandbox look like for the rabbit? 

The most common is to buy one for cats that is covered. As for the type of sand, the best are sanitary sand for silica cats, straw, hay and crushed paper.

Finally, it should be noted that some people leave their rabbit free in the garden or yard of home. However, leaving the animal in semi-freedom does not mean that it should not be given affection and attention, being aware of the risk that it entails. 
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