The most expensive types of pet birds in the world

Birds, and the rest of the animals, are valuable to humans for subjective reasons and one of the variables that determines the value of a collector's bird is its relative rarity.

Following the law of supply and demand, the scarcer something is, the greater its value. That is why there are pet birds that only people in good economic position and depending on the spice, the very wealthy can afford.

In addition, many species are in danger of extinction and international legislation restricts their traffic between countries. Zoos and bird parks are also subject to significant restrictions when it comes to acquiring the rarest birds.

For all those who love the company of these splendid creatures, here is the ranking of the most expensive pet birds in the world.

GOULD'S FINCH (up to 400 euros)

Also known as the Rainbow Finch, this colorful little bird is highly prized by collectors for its unusual blue to silver colors.

It is usually only kept by experienced breeders, who provide a spacious aviary and abundant birdseed.

WHITE PEACOCK (more than 1,000 euros)

For millennia, peacocks have been associated with wealth, royalty, and opulence. In Australia they have become very fashionable and are displayed at weddings, where they show off all their white feathers. The white color comes from a mutation of the silver peacock.

FLAMINGO (up to 1,500 euros)

They seem to be the favorite ornamental birds of the ultra-rich who can afford large acreages to house them.

They also do well in northern Europe, where they are an attraction in the gardens of exclusive palaces and villas. They are not illegal, but usually require a license.

KEDU CHICKEN (up to 2.500 euros)

It is a black chicken (Ayam Kedu or Ayam Cemani) from the island of Java, Indonesia, considered sacred and capable of curing a variety of diseases.

This rare breed is distinguished by its striking dark color, due to the production of melanin that makes its feathers, meat, beards, crest, beak, and eggs black.

TOUCAN (up to 9,000 euros)

It is the national bird of Belize, famous throughout the world for its extravagant proportions and giant colorful beak

There is a lucrative market for captive toucan breeding, with customers willing to pay up to €9,500 for a toucan.

ARA HYACINTHE (more than 37,000 euros)

The hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Latham) is one of the most exclusive and expensive pet birds in the world.

This South American parrot is over 1 meter long and the colors of its feathers are vibrant and eye-catching.

MESSENGER PIGEON (hundreds of thousands of euros)

A messenger pigeon can easily be mistaken for a common pigeon. In fact, it has unique capabilities to cover thousands of kilometers in a relatively short time.

That's why there's a thriving international market for these birds and prices can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of euros, but, in 2019, a Chinese buyer paid a whopping $1.4 million for one.

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