Bird species to live with parakeets

The parakeets are one of the most common species in all birds lovers and enjoy their company. These speaking birds of colorful plumage and curved beak are some of the favorite pets in Europe.

In their country of origin, Australia, the parakeets live in swarms of up to 2000 birds. It is not surprising that this social bird, even in captivity, prefers to be accompanied but considering that, despite desire the company, they are extremely individual animals and, in the case of females, dominant and territorial, you can complicate a lot said coexistence.

Therefore you have to pay attention to which they could live with our parakeets.

Of course, choosing another parakeet is possibly the best option, since we avoid headaches. But, if we want to put other birds, here is a selection of those whose character they make them compatible with the parakeets.


Parrots usually get along with almost all birds, since they are very sociable. Their congenic behavior very well with that of the parakeets, although it is normal for them to both show somewhat remote and not relate.

With the passing of the days, if no problem arises (that the parrot is aggressive), we can see that they live in a quiet way, and even that good playmates get to become.


Another exotic bird that is perfectly compatible with the parakeets. It is related to the parrots and their temperament is quite similar to that of these birds, although they are usually somewhat more territorial than those, so we will have to monitor their behavior during the first days in case it becomes violent with the parakeet.

As in this case, the most dominant males are recommended, it is recommended not to put together female parakeets with male boys to reduce possible coexistence problems.


The common cotorra is a bird that, in addition to being also very sociable, adapts well to all kinds of environments, so it can be the perfect company for a parakeet. If this were not enough, the Cotorra is a affectionate animal. In this way, it can become the ideal friend of any bird.

Once the necessary adaptation period has passed, we can verify that both the parrot and the parakeet become inseparable friends inside the bird.

In spite of all of the above, it is important that, if we choose to put in the bird a different bird from the parakeet, we have patience during the first days and observe how the adaptation of both birds runs.

It is also not recommended to introduce new specimens in the cage during the breeding period. Moreover, specialists advise that, if they already live together, they separate until the breeding ends.
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