Abandonment of pets in Spain, the bad data continues.

In the year 2021, the protectors collected around 285,000 dogs and cats throughout the state territory, a figure similar to that of previous years.

Spain has one of the highest animal abandonment rates in Europe, according to a study by the Affinity Foundation that has the slogan 'He would never do it 2022'.

In this sense, the study specifies that, in the year 2021, the protectors collected around 285,000 dogs and cats throughout the state territory, a figure similar to that of previous years. Therefore, it regrets that the abandonment of pets persists and is one of the main problems of welfare and quality of life of companion animals in Spain.

Therefore, promoting a responsible attitude, helping to end abandonment and situations of animal abuse by professionals is essential.

Despite the fact that awareness has increased in recent years, surprisingly, pets continue to be bought on impulse. In addition, they also continue to be given away, without knowing if the person to whom it is given is going to assume the responsibility that owning a pet implies.


Unwanted litters lead the reasons for abandonment in 2021 and the second most important reason is the end of the hunting season, which leads many hunters to leave to their fate those dogs that have grown old, are sick or "not they are worth”.

These two are not the only reasons why animals come to shelters. Behavior problems are another cause. The protectors highlight the great ignorance that the population has about animal education, and especially canine. Not educating your dog or your cat can lead to aggression, separation anxiety... when on many occasions there is the possibility of remedying these attitudes and of course preventing them.


The first thing to think about when having an animal is that if everything goes well, it will live for many years. The owner's situation at that time may change, but the animal will continue to need care. There are people who cannot take care of their animals because they have moved house, or because they have to go to work in another country.

The second thing to take into account is the economic factor. Pets are expensive. To a greater or lesser extent, but the expense will always be considerable. Feed him, deworm him, veterinary expenses, residences... If you do not have a solvent economy, it may not be the best time to have a pet.

And the third thing is the absolute conviction that you want to have it, educate it, maintain it, walk it, love it and give it everything you need throughout your life.
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