Avetropic: love for parrots

Avetropic is a non-profit entity dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of parrots that live in captivity, as well as contributing to the conservation of those that do the same in the wild.

Its foundation and work arise from the existing need to promote responsible ownership of these birds, as well as to improve their quality of life in captivity. The non-existence of realistic laws adapted to the reality that parrots experience on a daily basis encourages their breeding and non-responsible possession, most of them ending up being abandoned or neglected for life.

They work daily under the firm conviction of the importance for society to know the biology of the species, how the ecosystem relations between them are produced and how human beings are interfering negatively in these ecosystems. Well, only in this way, each individual will be able to understand what they can contribute to improve the situation of these and other species in the wild.


- Shelter, rescue and rehabilitation. They rescue, rehabilitate and insert parrots in need, restoring their species identity in a suitable environment.
- Advice and training by organizing online or face-to-face training events, and offering advisory services aimed at supporting the people who have these animals in their care.
- Dissemination, generating free access and informative content on animal welfare, responsible ownership, biology and conservation of parrots.
- Sensitization, helping to generate awareness and empathy for these animals, to fight against illegal trafficking, non-responsible possession, as well as against any potential threat to their conservation.


Within all the work carried out by the association, they also have this program, which seeks to help those parrots that, for whatever reason, need to find a more appropriate home for them. "We search for and collect profiles that are appropriate and that meet the necessary characteristics to ensure the well-being of the animal," say its founders.

Adoption Assistance Help! It is a service that has a cost of €25 for those people who are looking for a home for their animal and all the proceeds go entirely to the shelter. The service includes an online session to collect information on the birds, their abilities, habits and specific needs, and a search service and assistance in the selection of responsible and appropriate homes for the birds in question.

When from Avetropic they find some suitable profiles for the parrots, they send it to the owner so that he can participate in choosing the parrot's new home. "If none of the profiles fit, we will continue looking until we find the appropriate one," they say from the association. "The last word is with the owner."

To finalize the adoption process, once the appropriate profile is found, Avetropic puts both people in contact so that they can talk and organize about the transport of the animal. "We also provide a transfer document and an information guide to be able to formalize the adoption," they explain from the association.

In summary, whether you have a parrot at home that for whatever reason you can no longer take care of as it deserves or you are thinking of giving these very special animals a chance, the Help! from Avetropic can help you find the right pairing between parrots and humans.

From RSL Pets we want to congratulate Avetropic for their great work and for the great love they show for these precious animals.

If you want to collaborate, contact avetropic or know more about them, we leave you the following link:


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