Spain: Fractional purchases double in the pet sector

According to the latest studies, the number of pets in Spain amounts to 29 million, which implies that many families must incorporate into their daily budget the expenses necessary for the proper care and attention of these companions.

According to calculations by the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE), keeping a dog as a pet entails a monthly expense of around 105 euros and an annual expense of about 1,205 euros. Over the average life of a pet, these accumulated costs could reach 13,255 euros.

Before welcoming these new members of the family, you must keep in mind the expenses that will be incurred. First of all, the fundamental belongings are necessary which, assuming it is a dog or cat, range from a food bowl for about 15 euros to a bed that can cost up to 300 euros, and always considering that unforeseen events may arise such as medical tests or operations that They can range between 100 and 400 euros.

Since the 2023 Animal Health Sector Report, prepared by the Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians (AMVAC), it was determined that more than 43% of homes in Spain live with pets, and there are more than 6,700 veterinary centers dedicated to guaranteeing your well-being.

Other information provided by this report is the total turnover of the veterinary sector in Spain throughout 2022, which amounts to 2,300 million euros, implying that each clinic earned 351,025 euros on average, 6.2% more than the previous year, which was of 330,532 euros.


According to “plazox”, a service that allows you to split payment for card purchases instantly, both in stores and in your online purchases, in reference to payment preferences, users have doubled split purchases in this sector in recent years and one in five uses the service on a recurring basis to face unexpected expenses with considerable amounts such as surgeries, vaccines, etc...

El importe de las compras fraccionadas con este sistema en veterinarios asciende a 290 euros de media siendo el pago en 3 meses el fraccionamiento de la deuda más popular por parte de los consumidores.

The amount of fractional purchases with this system in veterinarians amounts to 290 euros on average, with payment in 3 months being the most popular term of the debt among consumers.

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