The dwarf rabbit, fashionable pet.

The dwarf rabbit is a pet that is becoming fashionable in recent years. This is because it has many characteristics that make this animal easy to care for and that brings a lot of affection.

They are clean animals, they do not smell, very affectionate, easy to maintain, small, ideal as pets for children, they are neither dangerous nor aggressive, they are intelligent, affectionate and somewhat scary.

How large are dwarf rabbits? 

Small size makes it attractive as a pet as it does not take up much space. The weight of dwarf rabbits ranges from 800 to 1.800 gr.

The most common breeds are: Angora (silky and long hair), rex (short and thick hair), lion's head (long hair around the neck) and bellier (this is larger than the previous ones between 1,800 and 2,500 gr. and have fallen ears).

How long does a dwarf rabbit live? 

The life expectancy of dwarf rabbits is comparable to that of a medium dog, 8 to 10 years of life. If you are properly nourished and cared for, you can live for more than 13 years.

What do dwarf rabbits eat? 

It is essential to provide them with a complete and balanced diet. The greatest food supply has to be through quality hay.

80% of your diet has to be with hay so this should be of high quality. There are hays enriched with other herbs such as chamomile, carrot or dandelion.

To complete your diet, the other 20% must be distributed among a specific feed for dwarf rabbits and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

What should a dwarf rabbit's house look like? 

If we have several rabbits, individual cages are ideal. At a minimum, the measurements to be taken by each cage would be 80 cm long x 50 cm wide x 40 cm high.

With these measurements the rabbit can exercise and move easily around the cage.  Although we provide the best of the cages to our rabbit we must keep in mind that we have to get it out of it whenever we can because it is very important that you exercise and in this way we also interact more with it.

If we take him out to the park or to an area where he is at risk of escaping, we can put a harness along with a special leash for these little animals. 

We need to pay attention to the accessories we choose for your cage. For example, the feeder we put on it has to be hard to overturn.

The bottle drinker has to be high capacity so that our pet never runs out of clean water. 

We should never forget to put him in w.c. or toilet in one of the corners of his cage for him to do his needs.

And as a substrate for tray w.c. and the base of the cage it would be best to put a vegetable bed. 

It is advisable not to put newspaper because it carries ink and the ink carries chemical agents, they could ingest it and cause you health problems. There are different options on the market. Like the extruded plant bed, wood chips or hay.

What hygiene care does a dwarf rabbit need? 

It is not necessary to bathe them because it is a fairly clean animal but if it is done it must always be with products suitable for them.

Like cats, rabbits lick a lot so we must make sure that the hygiene products we use for them do not contain chemicals.

Much attention should be paid, especially in times of hair change in spring and autumn, in brushing them often, even daily. Thus we will avoid hair balls in the stomach and the risk to the health of our bunny that entails.

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