How to feed aquarium fish

When you have an aquarium at home, most people feed the fish twice a day, but the rule says that they should be provided with small amounts that can be consumed in five minutes four to six times a day, if possible, keep in mind that your natural habits should be imitated.

Aquarium owners should know that when a fish overeats it will not only be less healthy but it is easier for the water to be polluted and, as most fish that are bought are juvenile, it is necessary to give them the right food for their respective growth.

If they overfeed  they can suffer consequences on your immune system that can affect your health.

The person in the care of the aquarium must also make sure that the lamp is always on when they are going to be fed, that way the fish will be able to see the food, and if the aquarium is in the home of a large family, the person in charge of feeding should tell the other members of the household that the fish have already been fed, because they are creatures that eat a lot and will receive everything that is given to them..

The first point to consider is to identify what type of fish inhabit the aquarium, there is a big difference in the intestines of the vegetarian and carnivorous species, so it is necessary to know the nutritional needs of each fish, both in the type of food that can be supplied to them and the amounts in which each species requires different doses.

In case of mistaking the amount of food that is put in the aquarium, if it is excessive, you will have to remove the excess amount, this prevents them from eating too much. 

It is very important when advising a fish food product to look at the information supplied by manufacturers on the packaging about the proper use of that food for each species of fish. 



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